Our Story


Feeast @ East

It starts with an idea, a moment of inspiration and a business opportunity. But then you have a 100 questions. Why, when, where, how, what and the most obvious of all – is it possible?
But now that we are here, they all seem mundane and rather rudimentary because there’s only one over - riding drive – The Passion for Food.
From being a Company Secretary to an Investment Banker that's all been done and dusted by Sougata. But of all the hats worn by him, the one thing that he would have never imagined till just over 1 year ago was that of donning a food entrepreneur's hat. What started off as a desire to satisfy the incredible urge to have the Kolkata Style Kathi Rolls and the Kolkata Biryani turned into a rather instinctive decision to open a food chain. The idea of opening a hub and spoke food joint was conceived during a get together in October 2013, over a few drinks with friends and was delivered in January 2014, albeit prematurely.

But that’s where the investment banking background of Sougata coupled with the financial acumen of Mou (Sougata’s school friend and better half) who currently leads the internal audit and risk team of a global MNC, came into play. In a very short period of 8 months Feeast @ East bloomed into 11 outlets.
In a world of Burgers and Pizzas Feeast @ East has pledged to take Kolkata Kathi Roll, rolling across the world. Feeast @ East serves from its outlets various types of Kathi Rolls, Kebabs, Awadhi Styled Biryani, Mughlai and Chinese dishes.
F@E outlets offer the option of dine-in at home, takeaway and over the counter sale. Presently F@E operates from 8 outlets across Mumbai.